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About experience of application of digital substations (Switzerland)

Within the framework of the program of training the specialists of RUP «Belenergosetproekt» visited electric digital substations, and also factories on the production of high-voltage distributive device with a gas isolation and optical transformers of current, located on territory of Swiss Confederation.

командировка в Швецию - ABB

The highest technological and structural level of building of objects of electroenergy and production of power equipment is marked: application of digital technologies, general use of the zincked metal, high-quality monolithic reinforce-concrete constructions, building of high-voltage distributive device with a gas isolation, participation of designers for the increase of aesthetic properties of buildings of electroenergy, innovative, non-standard decisions. It is necessary to turn the special attention on absence of hard normative requirements in part of building of power objects: basic technical standards are used, regulated IEC, other is determined an individual necessity and grounded technical and economic calculation.

командировка в Швейцарию Белэнергосетьпроект

We express enormous gratitude to the company ABB and personally to Igor Almazov, ato regional leader ABB, for organization of journey, for the given possibility of acquaintance of our specialists with priceless experience of swiss colleagues.

Командировка в Швейцарию Белэнергосетьпроект

The experience which was got will be used foremost for implementation of project of reconstruction of substation 330 kV Mogilev East, and also at planning of other electroenergy objects in Republic of Belarus and abroad.