About Belenergosetproekt

Belarusian Scientific Research and Design Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belenergosetproekt” offers its services in the field of designing electrical networks and developing codes and standards.

Our Enterprise possesses extensive experience in designing power grid facilities ranging from 35 to 750 kV in the Republic of Belarus as well as a team of highly qualified engineering staff: electricians, engineers and constructors specializing in overhead transmission lines, electrical substations, relay protection, automation, communications, dispatch management, technical, financial and estimate calculations.

We provide:

  • integrated design of various facilities with all basic and auxiliary systems and buildings included;
  • high quality projects corresponding to all codes and standards;
  • field supervision;
  • short development terms due to computer aided design and experienced staff.

We offer:

  • feasibility studies of power systems, electrical networks and their integral parts, electrical circuits of individual enterprises, various equipment, control circuits and protection systems;
  • projects of power grid facilities and their integral parts, reconstruction and modernization projects;
  • measures to improve reliability of existing networks, their operational level and environmental compliance;
  • specialized electrical and engineering calculations.