The investment project of building of the photo-electric station in Belarus

fotoelectrical-station-belarusRUP «Belenergosetproekt» in April, 2015 by order of RUP «Gomel'energo» developed a pre-project (pre-investment) document on an object: «Building of the photo-electric station near-by settlement Dubrova in the Svetlogorskiy district of the Gomel area». Maximal power of photo-electric station, given out in a grid – 3,75 MVt.



The primary purposes of this investment project are:

  • the diminishing of power dependence on external deliveries of power mediums in the Republic of Belarus and increase of power strength security of the Republic of Belarus;
  • the decline of the anthropogenic affecting on the environment and climate;
  • the preservation of non-renewable energy sources for future generations;
  • the receipt of economic effect due to the decline of losses of electric power from a closeness to the users and absence of necessity of its transporting from other places;
  • the receipt of social effect due to the increase of reliability.fotoelectrical-station-Dubrova-Belarus

In this project commercial suggestions were considered from different producers and suppliers of equipment for the photo-electric station, the different variants of charts of tacking to the grid and the optimum is chosen. The volumes of average annual generation of electric power are certain for all term of service of the photo-electric station, coming both from a pessimistic prognosis and maximally favourable influence of climatic factors. On the basis of cost and technical indexes of the offered equipment an advantageous variant is certain fotoelectrical-station-Dubrova-Belarusthe most economic with the least capital investments. This variant is accepted for basis for the further accounts of technical economic calculations.

In spite of the fact that the results of technical economic calculations showed a low efficiency of building of photo-electric station by own forces in the folded economic situation, the realization of building by a private investor for RUP «Gomel'energo» is considerably more unprofitable project.


The realization of project will allow:

  • to diversify the structure of power generating sources of the grid of Republic of Belarus;
  • to promote power strength security of Republic of Belarus;
  • to reduce the emissions of CO2 and NOх;
  • to reduce the technological expense of electric power in a grid;
  • to purchase invaluable own experience of building and exploitation of the sun electric station in the structure of GPO «Belenergo».

On results this work, executed by the specialists of RUP «Belenergosetproekt», within the framework of technical advice of GPO «Belenergo» from 05.06.2015, the proper presentation was done. As a result a decision about further realization of this object was accepted with development of project document in two stages.