The detailed planning of the facilitated enhanceable supports began in RUP "Belenergosetproekt"

опоры ЛЭПA part of open-wires of electricity transmission, which provides the delivery power of Belarusian AES, will be executed with the use of the enhanceable facilitated supports at passing through the forest for the saving of valuable forest arrays.

RUP «Belenergosetproekt» possesses the unique for Belаrus and rare for the CIS specialized software and specialists, that allows to count the latticed supports optimized on weight or price, which are not yields on adaptiveness to many-sided supports. Thus, as evaluated by specialists, the cost of a 1 ton of the latticed supports is cheaper than a 1 ton of many-sided supports approximately on 30%.

During the prosecution of this project RUP «Belenergosetproekt» developed the projects of KM brand on the facilitated intermediate and anchor-angular supports by the height of a 61 meters for passing of lines of electricity transmission above the forest.

After the passing of examination the projects were given to the general contractor - Chinese company NCPE, which charged OAO «Zapadelektrosetstroy» to make and test this kinds of supports. In August, 2015 the planning of detailed drafts (projects of KMD brand) is begun on both types of supports. Creation and tests is ahead expected.