About new direction of activity in the area of engineerings services

Att-funkcii-zakazchika-zastroischika 0001607-ИНRUP "Belenergosetproekt" carries out continuous work to expand the spheres and directions of its activity.

Taking into account the dominant position at the market of design services in power grid construction and presence of network of contacts with construction organization, RUP "Belenergosetproekt"  includes in its sphere of interests the perspective of provision of complex engineering services on design and construction of overhead and cable lines 6-750 kV, substations and objects of wind-, hydro- and solar energy.

Within the complex engineering services for last three years our enterprise performed works on the next objects.

In the end of 2013 RUP "Belenergosetproekt" first time signed a contract for implementation of general designer functions of overall external engineering infrastructure of the Belorussian-Chinese industrial park.

In March 2014 was signed, and in January, 2015 was covpleted the contract for turn-key constructions of OPL 35 kV in Voronovsk district of Grodno region for needs of Ltd. «Evrotorg».

In May of current year RUP "Belenergosetproekt"  in accordance with the requirements of Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated January, 14, 2014 № 26 «On measures to improve construction activity» have received the certificate of compliance from Ministry of architecture and construction № 0001607-IN of third category for a right of implementation of customer, developer functions, providing of engineering services in the area of construction of objects of first-fourth complexity class.

In this connection, as a rusult of successful participation in procurement procedure, held by Slavgorod UKP «Zhilkomkhoz» (Mogilev region), RUP "Belenergosetproekt" have signed ad contract for development of design and estimate documentation and perfomance of construction works on the object «Installation of solar batteries for supplying with electric power of infrastructure objects near the natural monument of national importance «Spring "Golubaya krinica"» in Slavgorod district.

Now RUP "Belenergosetproekt" is taking part in procurement procedures held in the Republic of Belarus for right of signing a contracts for providing of engineering services, including the development of estimate and design documentation and performance of construction works.