A complete range of activities such as pre-design services, engineering design and land investigation services for construction (reconstruction and modernization) of the electric power facilities are being performed by the company. The facilities we work on are:

  • High voltage power lines of 0.4 – 750 kV;
  • Transformer substations (including digital) of 0.4 – 750 kV;
  • Switchgear and switchyards of the substations;
  • Engineering networks and systems, fire prevention alarm and video monitoring systems;
  • Renewable energy facilities.

Indispensable types of performed work are:

  • Smart grid automation of electrical networks;
  • Electricity quality automated monitoring and control systems;
Technical and design decisions to improve the electricity quality parameters and to protect the facility equipment from the malicious influence of the undue electricity quality.


By means of the modern methods and techniques, the company provides the following facilities investigation of:

  • Building structures;
  • Overhead high-voltage electric power lines:
    • Defining the technical condition of concrete steel and metal support towers and portals;
    • Controlling the technical condition of the conductors and grounding wires, line fittings and isolators;
    • Investigating the facility electromagnetic environment;
    • Performing the vertical electromagnetic ground sounding;
    • Measuring the electrical networks operating parameters and the electricity quality values;
    • Measuring the induced voltage values;
    • Drone investigating the power lines.


The company is developing the following electrical circuits and schemes:

The power evacuation schemes of the electrical stations (from the Nuclear power plants to the Windfarms and Photovoltaic stations);

The electricity supply of the customers;

The power districts and energy nodes prospective development.


The company conducts the scientific research in the electric power industry. We develop and supervise the implementation of:

  • Technical standards and legal acts;
  • The instructions on how to work on the power lines under the induced voltage;
The feasibility studies for the electric power facilities construction (reconstruction and modernization).


The laboratory is accredited to conduct the electromagnetic investigation at the 35 – 750 kV electric power plants and the electrical substations including:

  • The resistance of the grounding devices;
  • The specific soil resistance;
  • The impulse distortions voltage in the secondary circuits, performed by the electromagnetic irradiation during the commutations and short circuits;
  • The impulse distortions voltage in the secondary circuits, performed by the potential increase in the grounding device during the short circuit;
  • The voltage of the commercial frequency, influencing the cable isolation of the secondary commutation circuits, provided by the short circuits.

The lab also measures:

  • Electric and magnetic fields voltage of the commercial frequency;
  • The induced voltage levels at the power lines.
Apart from those, the lab performs the vertical electromagnetic ground sounding, the results of which are crucial for the parameters choice of the grounding devices at the electrical substations, electric power lines, etc.


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